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At West Pavilion Ltd, we work with a network of structural steel fabricators and suppliers to bring you the best prices for steel framed buildings without compromising quality. Although we specialise in industrial and agricultural steel framed buildings, we can design and supply structural steelwork for any situation. 


Why ask us about structural steelwork?

Here's what you can expect when you choose us for your steel framed building:


• Quotations from 3 trusted fabricators, with no fees from us allowing you to way up price sand lead-times before you make your decision.

• Common sense structural analysis that keeps costs down.

3D concept drawings of your steel framed building.

Fabrication drawings and full material lists that allow you to get further like-for-like quotations from other suppliers.

• We will also obtain quotations direct from manufacturers for items such as roller doors to make sure you're not paying a middle man.

• An optional cost-effective laser cutting service to improve lead-time and accuracy.

• All products CE marked and supplied to all other necessary standards.

Why choose us?

We offer a full service that gives you the time to worry about more important things. Here's a timeline to see how efficient the process is with us on board:


1. Discuss your steel framed building requirements with us and order our service.

2. We produce structural calculations.

3. We produce fabrication drawings and give you a copy so that you can obtain quotations.

4. We request 3 different trusted suppliers to supply a quotation, and send these direct to you.

5. Any other materials that makes sense to get direct from a manufacturer, we get and pass direct to you.

6. We place the orders with your preferred suppliers.

What we aim to deliver is the complete service which means that you can place your trust in us, making the entire process seamless and transparent. We have a vast network of contacts in the structural steel fabrication and construction material supply chain, nationwide.

To find out more about our structural calculations service and structural analysis, get in touch with us today. We can help you to benefit from accurate calculations and costs, helping you to make an informed decision.

Contact us for a more information

T:  0333 577 5424


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