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Importing to the UK for the first time can seem like a daunting prospect. You've found the gap in the market, you've negotiated a price with the manufacturer and means tested a sample. What next? Below is a helpful guide direct from the government's website (click here for the most up-to-date and detailed version).

1. Get an an EORI number

2. Decide who will transport the goods & make custom's declarations

3. Find out the commodity code for the goods

4. Work out the value of the goods

5. Find out if you can reduce or delay your duty payment

6. Check if you need a certificate or licence for the goods

7. Check if the goods are subject labelling, marking, or marketing rules

8. Get your goods through customs

9. Claim a VAT refund

10. Make a claim if you returned goods or claimed the wrong amount of duty

11. Keep your invoices and any other records

We can help you through any of the processes and even locate and negotiate with manufacturers on your behalf.

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